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Being Thankful

Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving, everybody!


I might be a day late and not from America but I think it’s always a nice distraction from ‘productive things’ to write a big happy list of things to be thankful for. Don’t you? I’m a huge advocate of Happy Lists anyway and have been known to advise people to simply write one up in times of great stress to try and relieve themselves in a positive way. I don’t think people often take this advice (“I’d prefer to just drink myself into a blubbering stupor, but thanks anyway, Kiera”) but they should. Continue reading “Being Thankful”


Your Autumn Songbook

This is becoming a bit of a habit, isn’t it?

Still, a new season calls for a new playlist, and I absolutely love listening to these mellow tracks on my merry way to work or stuck in the horrendous traffic between my house and college of a morning. Autumn is my favourite season – partly because of the colours outside, partly because of the cosy clothes you can dig out of the closet and partly because of the nippiness in the air which whispers – dare I say it? – ‘Christmas is coming.’

Continue reading “Your Autumn Songbook”

The Dogs Are Alright

Hello and good afternoon 🙂

This is an impromptu post because I’m babysitting Kuma (the Staffordshire Terrier) at in Rathmines and I’m feeling a bit typey and also a little lazy after our big walk this afternoon.

Will I tell you the story of how we came to adopt Kuma in our first year of college in our quite dilapidated flat at Kenilworth Square? Oh, alright then.

Continue reading “The Dogs Are Alright”

The Everyday

Hello again! This is a bit more of a wordy blog post. More thinky and what I hope is a bit of food for thought.

I’m the kind of person that likes to almost constantly be ‘on the move’. Not necessarily flitting from country to country or city to city, but in general I like to have something ‘going on’ all the time. Continue reading “The Everyday”

Your Monday Sing Along*

*You needn’t sing along, but you may do if you so wish.

Nothing I like more on a study break than cranking up the tunes and giving myself free reign to bop haphazardly about the apartment, or croon along into the bathroom mirror, if it’s a slower number. It’s a very nice stress release. Also – and I don’t think I’m the only one who does this – but I tend to apply most songs I listen to, to a ‘movie moment’. Everyone does that, right? I love picturing the scenes that go with the song. What can I say, I’m a very visual person. Continue reading “Your Monday Sing Along*”

Monday Musing #2: Off to Neverland

I wish. I am off to the library, if I ever get my act together.

I am unashamed to say that this Friday I stayed in on my own and watched the original 1953 Peter Pan. Continue reading “Monday Musing #2: Off to Neverland”

Monday Musing #1

It’s the start of a new week – what a delight.

Here’s a picture of me and Sego having some banana sorbet yesterday in front of one of Schiele’s naked women. Continue reading “Monday Musing #1”

The AW Project – Post 1

This is going to be a super quick post because I’m in the throes of sorting out my life re. university courses and I’m trying so hard not to be sidetracked, but – Continue reading “The AW Project – Post 1”

Hey, Mother Puckers

Hey beauties!

So this post is a bit different because rather than reporting on an event or a little adventure, I’m reporting on something inspired by an article I recently had to write for my university newspaper (the fashion section of the UCD Observer). I’m about to report on lip care.  Continue reading “Hey, Mother Puckers”

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