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How(th) Do You Do?

Fun fact about me: I love birds. All birds. Even crows. Even pigeons (that’s a controversial one, I know, but I do.They’re brazen and clever and a laugh to watch despite being slightly annoying. A bit like me.)

So feeding a big flock of hungry seagulls stale bread last weekend in Howth was the perfect Sunday pastime before heading to Howth’s “Dog House” Blues bar for a wood fire pizza. That was a good day.

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‘I’d Rather Be in Killiney’

Happy Sunday everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past couple of weeks. Final year has hit hard at college and the novelty of everyone in Dublin speaking English has worn off so I’m no longer finding the work blissfully easy compared to in Vienna. Still, we truck onwards.

I have been taking the odd little stroll to keep my sanity, and it’s not hard to find breathing space when you’re lucky enough to live on Ireland’s coast. So the other day, after spending seven hours in the library highlighting things and colour coding them to make myself feel like a productive Office-type-woman, I decided that Jack and I should take a little hike to the place where we actually had our first date sometime last year. Continue reading “‘I’d Rather Be in Killiney’”

A Weekend in the Windy City

Bonjour everyone!

I say “Bonjour” with hearty start-of-term enthusiasm as it’s my first week back at college (of final year, in fact). Doubtless the enthusiasm will fade but I’m starting as I truly mean to go on, and you have to respect me for that.

Last weekend I (finally) went to Edinburgh to visit Katie, last seen in my Budapest post. She’s been studying in Aberdeen for the last three years and I’ve really been meaning to pop over to the Scottish capital for a long time, so this summer she insisted I finally just book the tickets. And I was not disappointed.

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Cinque Terre

Hello and happy Thursday!

We’re onto our last Italy post, and are finally talking about the well-known Cinque Terre (those sparklingly colourful mountainside towns you always see on Wanderlust Instagram pages and the likes). In the last post you will have seen how easy it was to actually reach these little havens, despite them literally being perched along mountainsides overlooking the raging waves (am I getting a bit dramatic? Oh, well why not. Life is ticking smoothly along – I need to inject a little drama). I’ll begin this final tale with what happened after Jack fell into the sea and was eaten by a humungous tuna.

(Sorry, I’m pushing it a bit now.)

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Italia Part 2: Portofino

Ciao, friends!

What I must do before delving into the dreamland that is Portofino, is give a quick outline on how Jack and I actually got to Portofino/Cinque Terre, since after the last post I had a couple of enquiries about how difficult it is to actually reach these mountainside gems.

It’s surprisingly simple. If you’ve got the cash to spare, you can fly straight to Genoa, but if you want to go about it a little more frugally like we did, you can fly to Pisa. From Pisa you take a very short, very cheap bus to the Central Train Station (Italian) and from there you get a train which last between 1.5 hours and 2 hours to Rapallo. It usually costs about 17 euros for a single ticket and it’s a lovely journey with gorge views as you go.

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Dreamland: Italia

Hey Muffins.

Just back in Dublin in the rain and I think I’m getting a cold because I haven’t stopped sneezing all day and just sneezed six times in a row which is dire. How can circumstances change so drastically in a matter of days? It’s only been two days since I got back onto Irish soil, but it feels like the Italian Adventure was all a dream or happened in a different life.

I’ve wanted to go to Cinque Terre and the surrounding towns for years. It’s one of those places that pop up constantly on Instagram and twinkle colourfully at you and tease you as you sit on the bus to college, under a perpetually grey sky. I’d never got round to going. And then when I came home from Vienna and surprised Jacko (did you read the post? It’s here and it’s super cute) he hit back with his very own surprise: we were going to Cinque Terre and Portofino in August.

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Between Two Towns

Further to my last post – discussing the joy of doing nothing – I have been quite busy filling up my time with fun-filled activities and reigniting my social life (*cough* may have also taken a day to go and get my old job back. Turns out I can’t completely relax with nothing on the horizon, no matter how hard I try).

Last week, for example, Erin and Eve and Lucy and I went on a self-led hike (unplanned) from Greystones to Bray (two different towns with an almighty hill in between).  Continue reading “Between Two Towns”

Homeward Bound

I wrote the bones of this post sitting on the airplane back to Dublin from my mum’s house in Cheshire after a weekend of bounding about the windy country roads and along the canal in the blazing heat. I didn’t know what to call this post and then thought that referring to Cheshire as ‘home’ was a bit of a stretch (I’ve never lived there – Mum moved back to her childhood village a couple of years ago so I pop over whenever I can) but then decided it was acceptable because a) it reminds me of that children’s movie about a dog-filled adventure which is similar enough to life on Cliffe Road and b) I once saw a quote saying ‘Home is where Mum is’, which is rather apt. So there you go. Continue reading “Homeward Bound”

Back Down South

Good day from the English countryside, chaps!

Well, I’m currently sitting at the table in Mum’s house, listening to Bruce the Whippet crying for his fourth walk today and the third episode of the I.T. Crowd this evening. It was a swift turnaround, getting back to Dublin and promptly hopping on a plane to Liverpool, but there you go. I’d just had a whimsical week in the West (of Cork – which is in the south. But couldn’t miss out on that alliteration). Nothing like some time at home home to bring you down to earth (and feed you up good and proper). Continue reading “Back Down South”

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