IMG_2645Hello Lovelies!

I’m Kiera, a 22-year-old language student, Taekwon-do-er, fashion fiend and vegetarian from the beautiful south coast of Ireland, though I study full-time in Dublin. Last year I packed up my life in the Irish capital and moved everything to Vienna for the year for some learning, exploration, growing-up and, I suppose, ‘finding myself.’

I’m a normal person. I don’t endeavor to pretend my life is something fantastical and inaccessible to the average person. I’m a worrier and a flusterer and have days where I feel like staying in bed all day, as everybody does. But I do things that I like and I try to find happy things to fill my days, and then I write about them.

I do hope you enjoy my little updates, anecdotes and thoughts. If you do, please feel free to comment or get in touch.


K. x