Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving, everybody!


I might be a day late and not from America but I think it’s always a nice distraction from ‘productive things’ to write a big happy list of things to be thankful for. Don’t you? I’m a huge advocate of Happy Lists anyway and have been known to advise people to simply write one up in times of great stress to try and relieve themselves in a positive way. I don’t think people often take this advice (“I’d prefer to just drink myself into a blubbering stupor, but thanks anyway, Kiera”) but they should. Writing long lists of things that make me happy (“Velvet. Old couples holding hands. Seagulls. Walks at dusk” etc etc) helps keep my creativity flowing in the simplest and most effortless way, specially now, since I have no time to do any damn thing.

But I’ll keep this a little more tailored to the day (after) that’s in it, and won’t mention pigeons or freshly-sharpened pencils or anything like that. Promise.

SO: Top 20 Things I’m Thankful For, 25th November 2016

  1. My family – even though we’re strewn across the country and the British Isles, I never feel far from Mama Black and Gobbo and Boo (the little sister). Ro lives next door to me so I’m literally never far from him. But I’m hugely thankful for his patience and his love for cooking anyway.
  2. My girlfriends – Good girlfriends are like sisters, teachers, partners in crime and genuine lifesavers.I always think that people have various soulmates on this earth, your best girlfriends are definitely included in those. 32k2
  3. Jack – I’m very thankful for this colourful and inspiring soul encouraging me and teaching me every day. And for being the real-life Fantastic Mr Fox.
  4. My old housemates – If you live with anyone long enough they have a huge impact on who you become as a person. I’m hugely thankful to those grotty boys I called my housemates for three years for helping me become who I am, and for the drunken times.

    Photo cred: @nathan.ivor.scott.barlow
  5. My health – I almost forgot this one because I often don’t think about my health unless something’s gone wrong with me. But despite the bad circulation in my toes and the eye bags, things aren’t really too bad.
  6. My family’s health – same as above. Simple enough.
  7. My bedroom – I’m in the throes of doing up my bedroom for maximum cosiness and I’m very grateful to have found and created myself this little haven. The gap under the window pane isn’t the best and I need to not keep leaving my clothes in piles around the floor but overall it’s pretty perfect.
  8.  Having a job that helps me schedule around my college timetable with colleagues that are so friendly, supportive and, in some cases, purely magical. We make a cracking team. And playing with diamonds on a daily basis is also a lot of twinkling fun.
  9. Instagram – this one sounds hugely superficial, but how awesome is it to be able to climb into bed and see what all your nearest and dearest are up to as well as be perpetually inspired by all the artiest, most talented and soulful people across the world? I’d be very sad if someone closed it down, that’s for sure. But I’d probably get a lot more done.
  10. Going to college – *sigh*. Even though it’s genuinely a total bitch at the moment and as soon as I arrive I can’t wait to get back to the safety of my beddy, I am very grateful to be given the opportunity of education. And I can only hope and pray that it’ll pay off next year.
  11. The Planet Earth Documentary – this is certainly something to be thankful for. If you don’t watch David Attenborough’s latest series, get on it immediately. Or at least Youtube the Wilson’s Bird of Paradise mating performance. Most romantic bird in the animal kingdom? It’s a yes from me.
  12. Travelling – I’ve been incredibly lucky so far to have been able to see so much and experience so many far-away and new things. Bring on Paris in a few weeks is all I can say now. The promise of an adventure makes all the library hours worth it.
  13. That everyone I see and eat with on a regular basis supports and joins in with me being a vegetarian. Rowan has invented some amazing recipes to feed us on these cold nights and Jack is even partial to a vegetarian sausage (no innuendo intended).
  14. Tae Kwon Do and the UCD club. Ever since I began when I was 9, TKD has been such a release, a source of fun and a place to meet lifelong friends.
  15. Learning to be self-aware and to self-love. It’s a tough road for everyone, I think, but it feels great to make headway.
  16. Music. Where would anyone be without the escape of music? I lost my headphones last week and only then realised how lonely it can feel not to be able to listen to music whenever you like.
  17. Art. Even if you don’t think you’re that ‘good’ at art, writing and drawing and anything which lets you express what’s in your soul and letting your imagination run wild and free is so good for you.
  18. Writing from the 1920’s– Ernest Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald’s writing lights me up in a way which usually only Zara or mum’s macaroni cheese does. I can’t get enough.14033678_952630798178643_465735304_n1
  19. For failing at things, because it pushes me forwards and forces me to try harder (even though it seems like a massive struggle to begin with).
  20. For every opportunity I’m given. It’s so important to be grateful for your opportunities – take what you need from them, grow from them and then move on, if you need to. But never take an opportunity for granted. Or so Papa Black keeps telling me.

Now I’m feeling well-and-truly up for this day, even including the meetings and the modernism readings and making the chilly trek into the village to get more candles (I have burnt all mine out because I spend too much time at home alone with the candles lit.)

Up and at ’em, though. No go forth and write yourself a list of things to be thankful for. Even if those things are like ‘I’m thankful I didn’t slip and die in the shower this morning’. Those things have their place, too.


Love always,

K. x