Fun fact about me: I love birds. All birds. Even crows. Even pigeons (that’s a controversial one, I know, but I do.They’re brazen and clever and a laugh to watch despite being slightly annoying. A bit like me.)

So feeding a big flock of hungry seagulls stale bread last weekend in Howth was the perfect Sunday pastime before heading to Howth’s “Dog House” Blues bar for a wood fire pizza. That was a good day.

Howth is another beach town in Dublin, like Dun Laoghaire where I live with my brother Rowan, except on the complete opposite side across the harbour. It takes an hour on the Dart (the Dublin coastal train, for any non-Dubs or anyone unfamiliar to the Irish transport systems) but it’s a nice little journey, especially if you take a book or like to zone out while looking out the window at the sea whizzing by, which I do.

I hardly ever get out to Howth, though, so it’s a huge treat when I do go. It reminds me of Kinsale where I grew up in the South; lots of colourful little buildings and fish restaurants, cheery faces and chai latte with freshly baked gourmet goods. It’s a treat, all in all. Go there immediately.


Look at this trawler from Skibbereen. My Papa lives in Skibbereen! A little piece of home come to visit me in Ole Dubbo!



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I am the Seagull Whisperer
Me ‘n’ my brother x
Looks like it’s this seagull’s first flight and all his mates have gathered round to support him



As for the Dog House, they have the best rustic pizzas in all of Dublin (according to me, anyway). Do you love super thin, crispy bases? Do you love the perfect tomato base with a hint of sweetness? Do you love ordering food with sexy and rude names like “The Doggy Style”, for a touch of added naughtiness? Get to the Dog House right away. Even if you don’t like pizza or have had your fill of snacks at the food market round the corner, you need to go here just to bask in its hotchpotch charm under the twinkling lights. And if you manage to bag the big brass bed to chill on under the outdoor heaters – well, even better.

That’s a Supreme mustache you have there, my darling


Anyway, I’d best be off now. I’m struggling to stay alive in this cold and it’s been over an hour since my last Red Bull (final year problems).


Toorah for now, chaps!

Love always,

K. x