Hey amigos,


Just a quick one today as I’m run off my feet at the moment. I’m about to go and donate blood as a matter of fact – the Give Blood service is in college today and I’ve wanted to donate for ages and have just ever had the time on the ‘Donation Days’ in the main center, but now I have no excuse. I shall be going alone, unfortunately – my two potentially Blood-Giving friends are unable to attend: one has spent time in Zimbabwe in the last year and so could have a touch of the Deadly Mosquito about her, and the other has a spot of Mad Cow Disease having spent time in England during trying times.

Still, off I shall trot at 2 o’clock.

On the afternoon of Halloween last week, Jack and I went for a walk along Sandymount Beach to the Poolbeg Lighthouse in Dublin, where we did cool and alluring masks pictures that I wanted to share with you lovely people.





A little bit of leopardy fun, if nothing else. Also a chance to play in the last of the October air before November came along with a chilly bitterness that would make your bones shatter under your skin.

I have since made the masks into Fantastic Mr and Mrs Fox masks for future fancy-dress parties (if I can manage to force Jack into costume, that it). €1.50 well-spent, I say.

Now wish me luck on my blood-giving mission, if you please. I’m hoping for an animal sticker on my front afterwards, but I fear that all I’ll get is an achey arm and mild nausea.


‘Til next time chaps,

K. x