This is becoming a bit of a habit, isn’t it?

Still, a new season calls for a new playlist, and I absolutely love listening to these mellow tracks on my merry way to work or stuck in the horrendous traffic between my house and college of a morning. Autumn is my favourite season – partly because of the colours outside, partly because of the cosy clothes you can dig out of the closet and partly because of the nippiness in the air which whispers – dare I say it? – ‘Christmas is coming.’

And for me, the Autumn Feeling is intensified by certain idyllic and decidedly autumny music. Check out these babies, my favourites of the season so far.

  1. Sitting Room – Beta Radio 


Ha. Even they know their music perfectly fits this season. Cleverest boys. I heard this song on an 8tracks playlist – Cozy Autumn Songs (yes, I really search those things) – and I’ve listened to it basically on a loop since I discovered it last week. The intro is particularly beautiful, and though the lyrics are slightly sad, they’re extremely poetic and evoke the sense of a chilly and somber autumn evening. Very pretty.

2. Spirit Cold – Tall Heights


Tall Heights mixes acoustic guitar and cello with vocal harmonies to create this quite dream-like autumn tune. Listen to the song and picture yourself upon a cliff ledge overlooking the sea with the waves tumbling across the rocks below you and the salt wind whirling round your head. That’s what I do listening to this, anyway.

3. Coffee – Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso: Nick Sanborn, Amelia Meath. Photo by D.L. Anderson

Yet another band consisting of two marvellous people. I’ve loved this song for years, it’s not a new find. Perfect for a painfully cold morning, wrapped in a large blankie on the sofa and sipping coffee with a charmingly heavy coffee-table book in front of you. Do I overthink these things? Possibly. Just go and enjoy the song.

4. I Will Wait – Mumford and Sons 


Are Mumford and Sons the kings of autumn tunes? I think so. This is a bit of an oldie, and a lot more fast-paced than the others I’ve listed here. Think galloping home through fields of tall, dry grass. Wearing a felt cowboy hat. And riding boots. I am getting out of hand.

6. Forest – Kid Wise


I’m actually a huge advocate of all of Kid Wise’s music. Perhaps I’ve mentioned ‘Hope’ before in one of my other playlists, but if not, give that a little listen too for good measure. Quirky lyrics and a chocolate voice make these tunes super cool for, in fact, every season and any time. But since I first heard them last autumn and the videos are always quie outdoors-y, I always associate them with Autumn adventuring.


So there you go, and little Listen List for you. Please let me know if you like any of them. And if you have any suggestions for me, leave them in the comments. I LOVE being shown new music 🙂


Enjoy your day, chaps. Love always,


K. x