I wrote the bones of this post sitting on the airplane back to Dublin from my mum’s house in Cheshire after a weekend of bounding about the windy country roads and along the canal in the blazing heat. I didn’t know what to call this post and then thought that referring to Cheshire as ‘home’ was a bit of a stretch (I’ve never lived there – Mum moved back to her childhood village a couple of years ago so I pop over whenever I can) but then decided it was acceptable because a) it reminds me of that children’s movie about a dog-filled adventure which is similar enough to life on Cliffe Road and b) I once saw a quote saying ‘Home is where Mum is’, which is rather apt. So there you go.



When I told Mum, a couple of months earlier, that I was thinking of coming to visit, she said I wasn’t allowed to come unless I brought J, because she hadn’t yet met him and “everyone else has and it’s not fair”. So he came along for the ride.


Honestly this post is mostly picture based – visits to the centre of Chester and the woodland walks are too picturesque not to snap my way through the entire experience, and I don’t have much to report except that it was a very joyous and lazy time. Not that I need much more laziness. I’m lazed out of it at the moment. But I am embracing it – once I’m back to college in Dublin and work at the jewellers, you and I both know I’ll be cursing the early mornings and rainy bus trips to town, looking back wistfully on mornings spent in bed with Bruce the whippet crying to come in and afternoons spend saying ‘Anyone for more tea?’



Anyway, needless to say I was sad to go – but relieved to get back to the gym and start working off all those Mad Hatter’s cupcakes. I also still have so many banal tasks to do to finish fitting out the house – at the moment the gym is doubling as the office because I haven’t got wifi in the apartment so I’m sitting beside the pool tapping away on the laptop. Life goes on.


‘Til next time, kisses from Dubbo, daisies from me:



K. x