Happy Humpday, chaps.

I’ve just woken up from a midday nap after watching the latest (very stressful) Game of Thrones, which was my post-exam treat after this morning. Watching Game of Thrones as a treat is like going on a weekend city break with an over-enthusiastic sight-seeing friend, eg, you need a break to get over the initial break.

This weekend it going to be my last full weekend in Vienna before returning to the Emerald Isle, so my housemates and I are heading to the Donauinsel for The Last Hurrah on the riverbanks. I went last week with my friend Segoline, and it as to be one of the most relaxing and amazing places to chill in the city.


Things can get a bit trying sometimes, when you’re living away from all your family and friends, and things are particularly hard around exam time when all you want it to be bundled into a blanket and given a cup of tea the size of your head at the end of a long day. But you gotta truck on. It is super important to remember to take time for the little relaxing things, however. Something at the end of the week to take your mind of the niggling stresses and make you laugh.


Something that makes you drunk is also a welcome addition.



A little furry waistcoat, and French friend and a bottle of rose – makes me happy.

Would also like to take a moment to say that before leaving my house to head to the Donau Insel, Sego sent a message saying “If you’ve got the wine, don’t worry, I’m bringing the treats ;)”I am very fond of treats and love a nice treat with my wine. On arriving and setting up camp on the pontoon (pink IKEA blanket that I bought at the start of the year finally got unfolded), Sego whipped her ‘treats’ out of her handbag – a bag full of apricots, a packet of coleslaw, and a tub of hummus. She said, holding up the hummus, “I don’t know what this is but you can eat with with a spoon”. Needless to say after a spoon each it went swiftly back into her bag for her to enjoy in a more conventional way when she got home.


Nothing like watching the sun go down, bobbing about on a lake. I’m looking forward to my next visit already!

BUT for now, back to the books. It can’t all be fun-and-fancy-free, you know.

Enjoy your day, everybody. See you next time,