*You needn’t sing along, but you may do if you so wish.

Nothing I like more on a study break than cranking up the tunes and giving myself free reign to bop haphazardly about the apartment, or croon along into the bathroom mirror, if it’s a slower number. It’s a very nice stress release. Also – and I don’t think I’m the only one who does this – but I tend to apply most songs I listen to, to a ‘movie moment’. Everyone does that, right? I love picturing the scenes that go with the song. What can I say, I’m a very visual person.

Anyway, this is a list of some of my favourite tunes and artists of the moment; style-wise there’s a bit of a mix. Do have a look if you’re in need of some music inspiration

  1. The Sound of Sunshine – Michael Franti and Spearhead. Is this the cheeriest summer tune every created? I think so. Picture the protagonist in a movie finally getting their plan of action together, realising how much they believe in themselves and bursting out their front door before springing down a crowded street, greeting every person merrily as they pass. This song is playing in the background. I bet you’ll feel like you can do anything if you listen to this.Check it out here.


2. Fake Empire – The National. This one isn’t quite as carefree. It’s slower, more       thoughtful. The lyrics are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard, including lines such as ‘Tiptoe through our shiny city / with our diamond slippers on’ and ‘It’s hard to keep track of you / Falling through the sky’. The vocalist of the band explained that the lyrics explain a time where you’re unsure of what’s going on, ‘so let’s just pretend that the world’s full of bluebirds and ice skating’. You could fall in love listening to this.Listen here.


3. Gooey – Glass Animals. I actually love all the music by Glass Animals, so I have written down ‘Gooey’ because it’s the first one of theirs I heard and have been hooked ever since. Unfortunately it’s so funky that while I’m walking along the street listening to it I actually feel like I’m on a catwalk and I can feel my strut become noticeably more prominent when the beat picks up. Then it slows again and I revert back to a lazy, unfocused amble. The same happens with Hazey, Toes and Psylla, all by the same guys. Have a listen and a little strut, why don’t you. Click here and check it out.


4. Almost Home Moby (Sebastian Remix). I think everyone loves a bit of Moby. His work differs so much from piece to piece (Porcelain vs. Honey, for example. Always on your toes listening to a Moby album, so you are.) I heard this one in the gym a few weeks ago, and turns out it’s the perfect songs for squats, as well as for brushing your teeth and as well as bustling haphazardly through an airport, late for a flight. Perhaps it’s because my time in Vienna is almost up and it’s kind of fitting at the moment, but I’m loving this at the moment. Listen to it here.


5. You’re the One For Me – Good Good Fine Ok. A chill and funky summer jam at its finest. Could be used as the soundtrack for a few pals flinging a Frisbee light-heartedly around and holding beers as the tide washes in and out behind them. A cooking-favourite, too actually. A similar number, if you’re interested, is ILYSB (stands for I Love You So Bad: spoiler) by LANY. A bit of sap never did anyone any harm. Click here and see if you like it.

So there you are now. Have a listen and let me know if you liked any in particular in the comments, or if you’ve got any go-to summer songs to share.


TTFN, chaps. Much love,

K. x


P.S. The cover picture of this post is a watercolour collage by Yours Truly, inspired by the line in Fake Empire, “It’s hard to keep track of you falling through the sky.”

A little tongue in cheek, perhaps, because the overseas postal service is so shocking. But also, just because. Bit of imagination on a Monday for you.