Morning everybody! And happy weekend to you.

It’s been a week of mixed reviews. Summer has definitely set in in Vienna, and while it’s making it increasingly hard to concentrate in the sweltering heat of the library or my little suntrap of a bedroom, it also makes nights like Thursday night possible – one of the dreamiest nights of the year yet.


Essentially we spent an evening on a hill with Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra playing in a dome below us as the sun set. A Midsummer Night’s Dream came immediately to mind, but on reflection there were no manipulative forest folk and nobody with a donkey’s head, and it wasn’t even midsummer. But it was certainly a magical evening, that’s for sure.

Initially, it was quite hit or miss as to whether we’d get in. We were characteristically late, having spent the previous two hours on the banks of the Danube with a handbag full of snacks including apple cider and Kinder Pinguis (have developed an addiction to Pinguis, but no matter).


Eventually we packed up our things and trundled along to Schonbrunn Schloss (we’ve visited Schonbrunn before, do you remember? I’ve been there four thousand times at this stage), only to hear a voice-over system warning all disembarking passengers that the palace grounds were already full and to turn around and go home. So again, characteristically, we ignored the authoritative caution and carried on towards the concert.


And thank goodness we did. We were greeted with the most incredible sight: the huge marquee set up below us in the courtyard, the sunset enveloping the palace in a pink and purple hue, and 9’000 other high-spirited concert-goers in little groups, complete with picnic blankets, cans of beer (selling for 30c a tin. Why not?) and bottles of wine.




So we set up camp for the evening at about 8 o’clock and stayed there as long as we could, before finally heading home with the other last stragglers about an hour after the concert finished. Sadly we didn’t make it to the front of the stage (do you see that black mass in front of the palace at the bottom of the hill? That’s made of people people. No thanks) but luckily the sound of the orchestra echoed nicely around the entire grounds. Bliss.


Oh, and the surprise firework display at the end finished the whole experience off on a definite high note:


‘Shiny but Happy’

So, that’s what went down this week, aside from lots of normal and/or tragic happenings (buying more feet-destroying shoes, eating too much, finding a yogurt burst in my handbag. It’s a jolly life I lead). I only have a month left in Vienna, if you’d believe, including a little excursion next week which you should keep posted for ;).

As always, thanks for having a little read, and catch you next time.


K. x



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