It’s the start of a new week – what a delight.

Here’s a picture of me and Sego having some banana sorbet yesterday in front of one of Schiele’s naked women. I’d been into Forever 21 to buy a scarf, and when I got it to the till, the lady said “It’s actually been reduced to €2. Do you still want it?” Luckily refrained from throwing it into the air and shouting “WANT IT? Get me 12 more!” Instead casually accepted, paid and left to buy my second ice-cream of the day to celebrate.

You might notice I’m wearing my gym gear in this picture, as if I’m anticipating breaking into a spontaneous jog at any moment. Instead I lay in the park for the afternoon at the Museumsquartier and listened to a super duper busker, reveling in the prettiness of daisies and the comfy stretchiness found only in gym leggings.

In stark contrast to yesterday’s 26 degrees, today it is raining and winter-like and decidedly Irish. Am in the university library which strongly resembles Hogwarts, sitting illegally in the ‘medicine students only’ section because the ‘useless muse-writing and under-the-table-snacking’ section is full.


Have a cheery day, all.

K. x