This is going to be a super quick post because I’m in the throes of sorting out my life re. university courses and I’m trying so hard not to be sidetracked, but –

Basically recently I found out (through this page ) that some really well-known and popular cosmetic brands (including M.A.C and Estée Lauder) are STILL using animals to test on and it got me reading a few other articles about the trauma the animals are put through. Irreversible damage to eyes and skin occurs during chemical testing as well as severe stress in the uncomfortable environment. Luckily the E.U. has already banned animal testing, as has Israel, India and Norway, and Australia, New Zealand the the USA are thinking about following suit.

Anyway, because I often enjoy an evening of shutting myself in my bedroom and painting (and having a glass of wine. And watching children’s movies), I decided I’d do something relating to the problems animals are still facing. Plus I love drawing rabbits.



Yeah – it’s a boy bunny telling a girl bunny she’s beautiful without makeup on. Bunnies don’t need makeup to be beautiful. No animals do.

Which brings me onto this little AW (Animal Welfare) art project I’m thinking about. I’ve got a few more ideas in the pipeline for this kind of painting which I’ll post as I make them along with ideas and links that anyone can apply to themselves to help out in small ways.

If you have any animal-based/animal welfare based artwork or even just ideas that you don’t want to realise yourself, please don’t hesitate to email me on or leave a comment on here. I’d love to stick your work into the AW Project 🙂

The more the merrier. In the meantime, have a look at this list of cool and affordable makeup brands which are all cruelty free. 

Thanks for reading, and as always I wish you a super eve.


K. x