I’m in bed at half past nine having gymmed myself into an almost-coma and eaten three bowls of muesli for dinner. I’m back in Vienna and home alone again, as you might have guessed. I’ve had one exam since arriving back (horrendous) and one class on a scary French topic that I couldn’t understand. Nodded along  with an inquisitive expression for an hour and a half, however,  wondering all the while how the lecturer had managed to find an entire outfit, including suit, shirt, tie and socks all in the same shade of teal. Then a woman arrived to the class with a newborn baby strapped to her chest and every five minutes I had to glance over and admire its bafflingly  thick, curly hair.

On second thoughts, perhaps was not a baby but a sleepy black poodle.

Lots of nice things have happened in the past two weeks, though, and I thought, as a little reminder to myself and also in order to keep this blog rolling, that this eve I might sum up the nicest of the nice things.

  1. Running along the tram tracks in Dublin during the strike

There was a Luas strike for two days in a row while I was home (the ‘Luas’ being the Dublin tram), and one the first day, Lucy and I decided to rebel and walk along the tracks to a) speed up the walk into town and b) be a little adventurous. On the way there I drove Lucy mad taking pictures every ten or so steps, so much so, that when a friend called to ask where she’d gotten to, she told them that walking along with me was like taking a drunk baby for a walk. Still, look at this loveliness that is all around. How could I not stop to take pictures? On the way home, unfortunately, it began to rain. So…I put on ‘Rooftops’ by Lost Prophets, ran along the tracks and sang along very loudly . Sometimes you just have to do these things.


Me looking like a track elf


A sneaky little businessman going on a lunchtime walk

2. Taking this mutt for a walk on Killiney Beach

Kuma, I think I’ve mentioned before, is a rescue dog that my old housemate Cian and I brought home on a whim from the DSPCA one day. Look at his face – how could anyone have left that behind? He’s a staffie, though his head isn’t as muscular as they usually are at his age (3 years). He’s still a little pauncher though, and a very enthusiastic kisser.


And on a side note – this dad and his colourful little children playing with pebbles under the rainbow. I just love Killiney Beach.

3. UCD  Fashion Show

This is one of my favourite events every year. The UCD Fashion Show is the biggest completely student-run fashion show in Europe and is always in aid of charity – this year being the Irish Down Syndrome Centre . I usually get involved in some way, but considering I wasn’t in the country in the run up to the actual night I had to make do with watching from the audience. This actually proved to be SUPER fun, since the only glimpse I usually catch of it is through the cracks of the blinds from the changing room in between stripping off models as they come offstage. Aside from that, there were quite a lot of recognisable faces on the catwalk this year, giving plenty of reasons to woop inappropriately.


Former stylist and Head of Model Liaison reunited on the other side of the catwalk
Dresses provided by Covet Dublin – to die for.


4. Sunny drives and walks in the wilderness

Back in the beautiful wilderness in Connemara, we went for a beach trek in the rare Irish sun. These pictures aren’t edited in any way – that’s literally just how amazing it is. Just nothing for miles around aside from sand, sea, rocks and trees. Oh, and the snow-capped mountains in the distance.


Car Dancing, featuring My Fat Cheeks

5. ‘Welcome Back’ Drinks

Yesterday night we called an emergency girls catch-up dinner in – where else – Vapiano’s. Only then after two hours had passed since we’d finished eating and the waiters began dimming the lights and giving us sideways glances in the hopes we’d bugger off, we decided to mosey onwards in the search of a nice cocktail bar. Well, we found something of a cocktail bar alright, just called ‘Downstairs’, which, aptly enough, was down some stairs. Cue red wine, Sex on the Beach, lots of laughter and withering looks from nearby couples trying to enjoy a quiet Tuesday night date. No such luck, couples. Not this time.

Sego and Irene, complete with little pile of fruit mess on the table. No one likes a glaciated cherry.
Jasmine, proving she’s not always frightening and aggressive
Ayesha looking pink, me looking noticeably horrific in Ayesha’s glasses
Irene, displeased.


So that’s a brief sum-uppage of the funtimes of the last little while.

We have a few properly exciting things in the pipeline for the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned, and have a listen to some George Ezra, just for fun.

‘Til next time, enjoy your week.



K. x