Hey beauties!

So this post is a bit different because rather than reporting on an event or a little adventure, I’m reporting on something inspired by an article I recently had to write for my university newspaper (the fashion section of the UCD Observer). I’m about to report on lip care. 

Sorry in advance to all boys and men who follow this – you may look away now. Unless you, too, would like a spot of advice on keeping your lips both glam and well-nourished this Spring season. Be my guest, I won’t judge.

Fashion Week has been and gone – London, Milan, New York and Paris, have each had their streets and runways thickly peppered with swabs of silk, bold floral motifs, block colours and all other extravagances that go with this magical, astounding event. In its wake, Fashion Week always leaves a thick torrent of inspiration and ideas to the fashion-minded, and this year is no different. Despite the usual diversity among the SS16 collections (Oscar de la Renta, for example, flaunted some knockout floral floorlength pieces, contrasting with Celine’s Ready-to-Wear range boasting simple cuts with racy lace trims) a recurring theme was the Bold Lip.

That’s to say, a brightly coloured statement lipstick that can turn you from office-sleek to femme fatale with the mere swipe of a brush.

Celine SS16
Celine SS16 – photo credit http://www.vogue.com
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta SS16 – photo credit: The Daily Telegraph UK

I’m all for a statement lip. I love a little glimmer of pink to pep me up on a grey day or a deep red to brighten up an all-black outfit of an evening (though my mum says I look scary with a red lip. Perhaps I look like Cruella Deville, but that might be my generally crazed grin). I’m sure every girl (and some boys) out there has ‘their’ colour – their distinct shade that makes them feel top notch.

Now the problem is, that often heavy colour can dry out and damage delicate lips. I can back this up because my lips are perpetually dry. It’s not surprising – I have constant issues with my skin, eyes, lips, you name it. I sometimes joke that I could be allergic to the general elements, but in all seriousness, sometimes it seems that way. So because I had to write this article for the uni paper, I had to do a bit of research into lip products that can help you to both show off and soothe your lips this season, and actually I feel I’ve learnt a lot.

  1. Mint Julips Lip Scrub, Lush.

Main ingredients: peppermint oil, jojoba oil, caster sugar, vanilla extract. Super rich in natural nutrients, this gentle scrub takes off the dry skin and leaves your lips feeling silky smooth and tasting delicioso. I first used this lovely product at my friend Jen’s house – she’s a huge advocate of Lush products because they’re also completely against animal testing as well as tasting/smelling/looking beaut. Hurrah for Lush! An all-round winner, in my book.

mint julips
Mint Julips – uk.lush.com


2. Honey Trap Lip butter, Lush.

Er…this is awkward – I’m still talking about Lush. So Honey Trap is an actual lip butter which can stay on your lips, absorbing into them and moisturising them throughout the day. Main ingredients include Shea butter, beeswax, almond oil, honey and vanilla. What about that doesn’t shout Buy Me! to you? My friend Lucy, who had the biggest lip balm collection known to man during school, first showed this gorgeous product to me when we were younger. Even if you pop some on underneath your daring matte lipstick, it reinforces your lips with moisture, keeping them supple underneath the glam. Again, it’s not animal-tested, it’s super affordable and it tastes incredible. Utterly kissable 😉



3. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer

I adore beeswax-based products. It’s one of the few things which I can feel actively soothing my lips, even at their most needy. I’m a huge fan of all Burt’s products (we’re on first name terms, aren’t we, Burt?) but this beauteous little shimmer stick has to be one of their top picks. Even though some people think makeup with glitter in them should be reserved for the under-14s, I, er, am not of that opinion. I love a little shimmer on my lips, and for such a low price you may as well buy a whole selection of them. Why not? You can’t wear them when you’re dead.

burts bees


4. bareMinerals Gloss

Every time I go home to Mum she doses me up with a load of beauty/clothing-related gifts to help me to seem like a more sophisticated young woman. One such gift was a set of bareMineral colour glosses which I’m making my way through, slowly but surely. Sadly I lost my favourite one – Maverick ­– during our four-day New Year’s drunken revelry, but no fear, I have four left to keep me going. Basically they’re mini lip glosses that you can easily fit anywhere (like in your pencil case, you utter filth!) and keep a lovely thick sheen on your plumped lips for quite a prolonged period. A bit sticky, mind you, but gives a certain Kylie-Jenner-esque plump-and-sheen, if you’re that way inclined.

Maverick – http://www.bareescentuals.com


5. Badger Organic Lip Balm.

The grown-up, sophisticated and much more wholesome version of those Cola/Fanta lip sticks of our youth. Main ingredients include olive oil and various essential oils, such as lavender or rosehip. Even the names make you feel healthy just choosing one. Do you want freshening, cool peppermint? Or soft and sweet rosehip chai? Oh go on and buy them all. The picture on the front is a badger painting. Just do it.

Adorable, I think you’ll agree – http://www.badgerbalm.com

So there’s my little input into how you should live your lipstick life. I’m not a makeup expert in any way – in fact I’m often the one rooting through my girlfriends’ makeup bags and shouting ‘What’s this?!’ in their ear about something completely normal. But this evening I just felt it might be nice to share the little I do know about maintaining a presentable face (and also a sense of comfort. Chapped lips have to be one of the most annoying things to have, day in, day out). So go forth, with your kissable, colourful lips, and have a superb weekend.

Lots of (glossy, soft-lipped) kisses,


K. x