It’s exam week – that’s why I’m not writing anything of interest because I’ve hardly left the house except to stock up on Milka bars and…em…go to the Zara sales which for some reason proved fruitless.

Anyway sometimes I hear little things that stick with me and I just thought I’d post one today. Chatting with my mum the other day, I told her my plan for the evening was to watch Fifty Shades of Grey on my own (what is all the fuss about?) and followed it up by saying you could sum up my life at the moment simply with the phrase ‘Oh dear’.

In response Mum said, ‘”Oh dear” is a normal phrase in life. It makes you appreciate the “Oh Wow”s’. Which is true, really, isn’t it? Most excited about all the “Oh Wow”s to come as soon as these blasted tests are out the way next Wednesday and my lovely brother comes to visit. She’s such a clever one, my mum.

Well I hope you have a super week. I’m going to head back to reading about Freud and his Oedipus Complex.

K. x

P.s – I didn’t watch Fifty Shades of Grey on my own – I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel and then Michael McIntyre’s Christmas Special. Much more satisfying, I think (but not in that way).