Hello! Good eve to you!

For the last day of Lulu’s visit yesterday we made a little journey up the Kahlenberg mountain to see the sunset (though obviously the sun sets here at about 4pm so in actual fact we just went for a little post-lunch plod and ended up seeing the incredible sunset by chance).

The mountain, which is located in the 19th district (where I actually live), has its own Sonderwagon that goes all the way to the top, so we avoided the endless twisting incline and hopped off, fresh as two fresh daisies, with just enough time to hike along some of the Wanderwege before the sun completely disappeared. It’s known as the best point from which you can see the whole of Vienna, which makes for a spectacular view, especially as the sky turns a myriad of different colours before the only lights to be seen are those blinking from the tiny buildings 500 meters below.






An espresso and a Viennese sunset
An Americano and a Viennese sunset – top notch


Shepards cheering all across the city
*Shepherds cheer all across the city*


Obviously it was quite chilly at the top – the super mild weather around the city the last few days tricked me into thinking I’d be OK in a linen string top and a ski jacket with nothing in between. But I was wrong, and as we sipped our coffee and squinted into the distance trying to make out different buildings I cursed my bad planning (optimism?) and tried to zip myself deeper into my duvet-like coat. On the plus side, there’s nothing like crisp Austrian air to clear the lungs, and when we finally made it down the windy mountain roads back to my little apartment we felt like new (and very sleepy) women.

So Lucy’s city break has come to an end, and I’m left to recuperate (and do a complete food and wine detox) before my little trip to the homeland next week. Hurrah! I’ll begin by curling up in my bed – empty again, but for three cuddly friends – and reading The Help with a green tea. Not a bad plan for the evening.

Enjoy yours! ‘Til next time,

K. x