Happy Humpday all!

So I’m quite an easily excited person. Some may say like an overexcited little kid, even about very small things like buying new wool or seeing a puppy in its own little fleece on the UBahn. That’s why, every so often, when I’m having a slump day (like today), I write myself a Happy List to remind myself about tiny things that light me up a little bit inside when I think about them. Sometimes I come up with pages of things in one go, and the list snowballs a bit out of control (Marc Jacobs handbags – Marc Jacobs purses – ooh, extra shiny coins! Etc) but today I’ve listed ten Happy Things that have sparked a little bit of delight:

1 . Wrapping presents – especially in amazing wrapping paper like this charming sheet from Mastnak, a stationary and art shop near Karlsplatz that I sometimes go and spend all my money in:




2 . Foxes and everything with fox motifs on. On Monday I bought a thermal mug with foxes on from Primark that matches my fox blanket, fox writing pad and wooden fox ornament that I got from a pound shop last week. Crazy Fox Lady – hello!

3 . The word ‘sleighbells’

4 . Funny little genie-lamp pumpkins from the Naschmarkt like this beaut:


5 . My housemate Maxwell’s kickass steampunk sunglasses from Hitek Designs London:


6 . Freshly washed bed linen

7 . Candles in jars, like these that I’ve not-so-cunningly crafted out of jam-jars and IKEA’s vanilla tealights


8 . Listening to 2-hour-long jazz playlists

9 . Listening to the rain from the comfort of my bed

10 . Writing on the first page of new journals, which I’ll soon have to do because mine’s almost full again (how did that happen!? I lead an exciting life, me)

Even looking at my completed Happy List is cheering. Sometimes people think I’m mad – especially when they come to me with a problem, feeling low or a bit lacklustre, and I, eyes gleaming, helpfully advise them to simply write down a list of things they like.

But I promise you, it often does work. Seeing the world the way a child does, with absolute awareness and without interruption or bias that comes with adulthood is sometimes all you need for a quick pep-up. So have a go, next time you have a quiet hour and feel like reminding yourself of all the things that make you sparkle a little bit.

P.S – My best friend Lucy and I have been writing these lists since secondary school, but I recently saw an amazing Ted Talk by the, I suppose, King of HappyLists, Neil Pasricha, who’s website, 1000awesomethings.com, makes the perfect inspiration (or just fun reading) if you’re off to a slow start with your own list.

Have fun, enjoy, Humpday kisses,

K. x