Goooood Morning 🙂

I listen to music every morning when I’m making my coffee/showering/running for the Tube to pep me up for the day, and today it’s quite miserable and grey outside. Here’s a little list of five songs that always help with the morning motivation.

The John Wayne – Little Green Cars. I absolutely love all of Little Green Cars’ stuff (and maybe I’m a little biased because they’re from my home city and are a very down-to-earth and lovely bunch), but this song has to get first place in my Cheery Tunes list. It makes me fall in love with the whole world, if that makes sense.

Best to listen to: driving along/ambling along a pretty street and feeling pensive (this is your Movie Moment!)

Fais Rien – Moi Je. Even when half asleep and I’m late to work/university/just about anything (which I perpetually am), listening to Fais Rien keeps my spirits high and my feet moving. One of my housemates and best friends showed it to me during Exam Week last year, so it always reminds me of bopping round our eccentric little kitchen at 74 Kenilworth Square. Even the lyrics are apt in such situations – “I’m lazy, lazy, lazy and I don’t give a damn”. Here, here.

Best to listen to: merrily carrying out household tasks or bustling down a busy street towards somewhere you don’t want to go.

Cycling Trivialities – José Gonzales. This one’s perfect for listening to during those five minutes after you wake up but before you actually have to push the duvet off you and climb out into the chilly real world. Truthfully it’s also a little bit dangerous – Jose’s voice lulls me off to sleep at the best of times so if you’re likely to nod back off then you’d best throw on some Icona Pop or similar instead.

Best to listen to: …in bed. Just before you get up ^^


Gravity Rides Everything- Modest Mouse. This is also super mellow – perfect for easing you nicely into a hectic day. The lyrics of this one are particularly nice: ‘In the motions and the things that you say / it all will fall, fall right into place’. Uplifting and calming, I love listening to this if I’m a little worried about something or not feeling as pepped and zesty as usual.

Best to listen to: when you need an extra pick-me-up alongside your strong morning coffee.

Alloway Grove – Paolo Nutini. Paolo Nutini is a bit like the King of Mornings, in my opinion. A lot of his songs are particularly shower-worthy and are almost designed to shed a rosy light on even the bleakest winter morning. Alloway Grove is definitely the top choice though – I love the lyrics (‘Coming home again / to see a girl that’s prettier than a diamond shining in the sun / Oh, what fun!’) and the chirpy beat and the overall feeling of freedom I associate with it. Oh, what fun indeed.

Best to listen to: Slipping around singing in the shower, ready to kick the day’s ass.

So have a little listen, I hope you enjoy them. And have a lovely, exciting Tuesday!

K. x