Happy Friday everyone! This morning (and afternoon) has been incredibly lazy, I must admit. Yesterday was a bit of a hectic one: after my first class being cancelled (‘French Dialects’ – probably for the best) I did my usual, and instead of going home to do the laundry/make lunch/be productive, I hopped on the UBahn and headed to Mariahilfer Straβe, the longest shopping boulevard in Vienna.

'Wir schneidern dir die perfekte Jeans auf den Arsch!'
“Wir schneidern dir die perfekte Jeans auf den Arsch!”

Along with the usual high street must-haves like Zara and H&M, Mariahilfer Straβe also boasts independent gems such as Respect Your Ass, specialising in organic, made-to-measure jeans (and whose company motto is, ‘We tailor you the perfect jeans – on your ass!’ – phwoar). I also had a sneaky look round Skiny Lingerie and American-owned brand Brandy Melville , where I’d usually hand over my entire purse, but due to student budget restrictions right now I had to skedaddle on out and pacify myself with this charming sequined-chip beanie from Tally Weijl. I don’t particularly like chips but I do like sparkles, and hats are my thing, so, you know. When in Vienna.


After trawling the seemingly never-ending street for the best part of three hours, I admired some accordion-playing horses for a few minutes before heading to an organised Pancake Evening (there are no pictures of this unfortunately, but you can be assured the crêpes – made by my French friend Ségoline – were incroyable). Now I just need to spend a couple of hours in the gym, and voilà! It’ll be like all that Nutella never happened.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Tschüs!

K. x